View my short documentary on femslash. Femslash is lesbian fanfiction and the smallest genre in the fanfiction world. It would seem even in the LGBTQ community, gay men are still more accepted and popular than lesbian pairings. Male pairings make up about half of the stories, whereas female pairings are about 3%, even though almost all of these stories are written by females, and many identify with the LGBTQ community. Is female sexuality still so misunderstood and invisible within our culture that even their own community cannot relate?:

The below video reports on the Government Center Station closing, a closure that would affect many Boston subway patrons.

The media frenzy behind the Boston Marathon the year after the bombing led me to report on a panel discussion where officials across different security platforms discussed new strategies of security.  The panel discussion hosted at Harvard University brought a full crowd and was an insightful preface to the marathon.

There’s a problem in East Boston: Trash. While the waterfront neighborhood has the potential to be picturesque, piles of ripped-up trash bags and uncovered trash barrels litter the streets. The community organization East Boston Main Streets is working to solve the problem, as is local advocate Chris Marchi. They hope to clean up the streets through education and enforcement. Reporting done by Michelle Harven, Keely Flanagan, and Alecea Rush.

Below is a clip from one of the newscasts where I reported the weather.  I created the graphics using Photoshop, wrote the script, and reported live.

Benjamin Jealous, the former president of the NAACP, visited Emerson College to talk about student activism. This video was reported with my schoolmate who voiced the anchor.

The Boston Book Festival is an enormous event that invites all Boston book lovers out to Copley Square. I covered the event in 2013 and explored all the work that goes into the festival.

The Boston Bike Party is an organization that brings bike enthusiasts together to ride around the city at a monthly gathering. They ride around different parts of Boston and usually have a theme. The group was created last year and they already have a good number of members, even in these cold months.