Women Entrepreneurs Series

Jean Hammond: Co-founder of LearnLaunch


Jean Hammond is now a startup superstar, but she started her entrepreneurial career running a cheese operation worth over a million and a half dollars at a food co-op.  What may be even more surprising is that Hammond found that she had a propensity for business after she had already started her professional life as a biologist working on Alzheimer research in the lab.  After realizing what she wanted to do, Hammond went back to school for her MBA at MIT and became an unstoppable entrepreneurial force.”

Lonnie Kurland and Celina Ansari: Founders of Parzival


Look no further for women power than with the groundbreaking company, Parzival.  The company was imagined by two women in the medical field who had the same vision – to create something that would improve learning and medical practice.”

Michelle Darby: CEO of Roomzilla


Michelle Darby knows what it’s like to be in a male dominated industry.  She was a student in electrical engineering, a member on a men’s sports team in college, and a software programmer.  Now, Darby is the founder and CEO of Roomzilla.”

Introducing the Women Entrepreneur’s Series


In Silicon Valley, women establish 3% of the technology startups, according to onlinebusinessdegree.org.  It’s a disappointing number, but not exactly a surprising one.  Women are missing from the entrepreneurial and technological landscape, and for this reason we want to spotlight some women who are building their own businesses.”